How to do an unborn paternity test

Pregnant mothers can choose to come to our Wanji paternity testing center for sampling, and there will be professional samplers to provide you with free sampling services.

Pregnant mothers who are inconvenient to show up or who travel far away can choose to mail the sample. Pregnant mothers can go to the local hospital or clinic for sampling, and the Wanji Paternity Testing Center will mail a special test tube to you, and a blood collection note will be attached, and the pregnant mother only needs to hand over the test tube and precautions to the blood collection nurse.

  • No one knows, and we can do it in secret
  • We can accept mailing addresses that are designated outside of your home, please feel free to consult. We will strictly protect the information of our customers
  • Samples used for DNA identification can be “all sorts of things with human cells” such as hair, semen, bloodstains

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